What We Do

"​​ Intelligent Prospecting with TLE.market enabled new channel partnerships with $12 million of qualified pipeline in 3 months. It was also used to successfully launch a new solution by engaging our sales team with 90% of the Fortune 1000 target companies and ending the year with $5 million in bookings."
 - Rory King, Engaged TLE at 2 companies

Out Bound Prospecting

After an initial  No-Cost No-Commitment testing process , our teams' objective is to be able to execute outbound Prospecting & LeadGen operations as you would envision.  This is usually done by high-volume prospect-data research, followed by telephone and personalized email outreach (similar to how your sales team might prospect ... in high-volume).  We define a "lead" based on what You define a lead to be.  IE:  Our clients will tell us if they want leads in active buying cycles OR leads with latent pain accompanied by definable business issues.  They will also tell us if they want to speak with a decision-maker, or with an influencer who can help our client navigate the suspect's company (or however else one might define a lead).

Data Enhancement

Companies also engage TLE.market to capture & enhance large volumes of non-standard contact and company data ... in a cost-effective manner. Many times this is done in preparation for a demand-gen campaign. This could be contact data for individuals in companies with non-standard job descriptions (capturing their contact details as well), company data, or unstructured data that a human would need to analyze (ie  press releases … ) 

Call Center

Some companies use TLE.market us as a front line inbound call center to perform tasks like taking sales orders, issue resolution/ escalation or addressing client queries.  TLE.market clients are able to train our team one-on-one and do on-going training, testing and call quality assessments with the TLE.market team.  Many use the same callers to accept inbound calls and place outbound calls when inbound loads are light.

Meeting Setting

A number of clients want TLE.market to set up meetings between their sales team and key contacts within their suspect-base. However with the cost of travel today, most want to meet with a decision maker who is either in an active buying cycle or has a strong need to purchase our client's solutions. If that is the case, then the meeting setting simply becomes an extension of our LeadGen expertise. Our team leverages our high volume Data Analysts to get good target contacts, connect with the contacts to qualify an opportunity and (if appropriate) coordinate a meeting as a next-step.

Event Attendance

Many clients have issues getting qualified/ desired contacts to their in-person or virtual events. These could be webinars, trade-show events, roadshow stops or any other event where they are spending sizable amounts of money to display their solution. The last thing marketers want is to have only a few people sign up for their event, and have even less show up. Using TLE.market's  Intelligent Prospecting approach, we can rapidly target the correct contacts, en-masse, and get them off personalized messages that suspects are likely to review deeper.

Channel Partner LeadGen & Recruitment

TLE has helped some of the world's largest OEM software providers to identify potential Channel Partners by region or vertical. Our high volume data analysts are able to quickly compile lists of potential candidates,  which our callers then reach out to in order to qualify interest in a potential engagement.

We also support individual Channel Partners with services including Lead Generation and have worked with both the corporate OEM software maker and their channel partners to ensure expectations are met on both sides.

Market Intelligence

We take a very scientific approach to our clients' market and research capture. After agreeing on points including the Overall Population Size, the desired Margin of Error and the desired Confidence Level, we can determine a sample test size for a fully completed questionnaire. From there we assess the potential optimal method to get the survey results.  Many times this can involve personalized human interaction as well as electronic forms sent via email or hyperlink.