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Intelligent Prospecting
the key to prioritization

As your experienced salespeople may tell you:  Using dynamic data*, from sources including Business Journal articles, Venture Capital websites, social networking sites, lists like the INC 5000 fastest growing, and other industry-specific 

*"dynamic data" meaning data that needs a human to analyze it in order to extrapolate the intelligence and how it can be applied to their business

Prospecting Tactics, Part 1
Getting back to basics

Today here are so many tools today to improve Sales Lead Generation:

  • mass-emailing systems
  • marketing automating systems
  • analytics tools
  • social media communication
  • and online advertising

And they are very effective in both getting interested prospects to respond and helping us focus on contacts that appear more interested than others. That said, I find that it is still very important to be be able to contact prospects cold calling* in order to find the companies that haven’t replied.

A similar example would be our government’s intelligence agencies - they need for both (1) analytics teams, (2) as well as the "real world" intelligence they get from agents and one-on-one communication. 

*"cold calling" meaning the act of calling on a contact without knowing their name (ie just using a title/ job-type OR calling on a contact you have never spoken with.

Prospecting Tactics, Part 2
What do you want in a "sales lead"?

It seems in sales we all wants "sales leads" but we are suprised to find out how different we each precieve what a Sales Lead should be ...