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Intelligent Prospecting:

Artificial Intelligence +  Human Intelligence

Intelligent Prospecting combines Artificial Intelligence (Ai) and Human intelligence (Hi) to help businesses to identify and engage clients more efficiently. Below are some examples.

"’s Intelligent Prospecting engine provided Neota Logic with a strong ROI, both in terms of sales-pipeline development and by ensuring our marketing team received large amounts of pre-analyzed data that improved the results of our marketing campaigns going forward.”     

   - ​Matt Gillis, President of Neota Logic

Analytics & Analysis

AI allows for the scaling of prospecting efforts to generate large volumes of relevant data that the AI algorithms can then use to predict future behaviors and preferences (ie Intent Data). AI can also score opportunities and clients, considering a multitude of variables ... at scale. 


Humans can then take AI output and apply their experience in order to fine-tune results.  Decision-making becomes more effective when combined with human-based research, and judgement, which takes into account factors like market shifts, competitor actions, and industry trends.

Mass-Personalization & Empathy

AI can tailor messaging, per contact, by rapidly applying the accumulated data, characteristics and previous engagement patterns to its algorithms. AI can quickly do this on a massive scale, and then update the future messaging based on a contacts's feedback and follow-up engagement.


Human Intelligence is essential to ensure that prospecting and messaging builds trust; and to make sure the contacts do not feel like they are engaging with a machine.  Humans apply empathetic and sensitive nuances that quickly build relationships and help contacts feel comfortable as they communicate.

Fast Service & Deep Dialogue 

AI has the ability to handle large volumes of customer inquiries 24/7 with instant responses to address many queries.  For more complex issues, AI can also support human client-representatives with on-the-spot data and options to assist them as the humans continue interactive Q&A dialogue with the client.


Human Intelligence is critical for more complex back-and-forth dialogue.  Human representatives are able to establish trust with a client via human-based responses to nuanced questions.  Humans can also pick up on subtle inflections in tone or writing-style ranging from relief to concern or sarcasm; all of which can affect dialogue.

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