Revenue Generation Made SIMPLE

Client ROI
An overiview of the ROI a Global Library Mgnt software firm receives from TLE inbound Call-Center & out-bound DemandGen support services 

Areas of Focus​

Legal & Financial Services

Business Software's Services Leads group has supported professional services firms in sectors including Financial Services, Insurance services, Legal services & IT services.  In addition, we have experience helping firms that sell into government entities.'s Software Leads  group supports business technology companies in sectors including ERP, FinTech, Supply Chain, Content Mgnt, Legal Tech, HCM & eCommerce.  Our founders are former business software sales-people and understand the importance of having well-qualified leads.


  1. Data Enhancement
    High-volume analysis & collection of unstructured data by a cost-effective team. This can cover contact data or intel on accounts from datasources like business journals & other lists.
  2. Event Attendance
    Recruitment of qualified contacts to our clients' events using up-to-date data & Callers who send tailored emails along side personalized verbal messaging.
  3. Meeting Setting
    Coordination of meetings between our clients and qualified suspects who meet our clients' requirements. We will vet out active buying cycles or latent pain if our clients want this.
  4. Inbound Call Mgnt
    Some companies use TLE us as a front line inbound call center to perform tasks like taking sales orders, issue resolution/ escalation or addressing client queries.
  5. VAR Recruitment
    Recruiting potential channel partners to work with an OEM software provider in sales/ implementation support. This can be done for specific regions, verticals or other qualifiers including skill set.
  6. Intel Prospecting
    Outbound business prospecting & market research by a team of highly trained professionals; combined with personalized emails & complete visibility for our clients.